Inexpensive PCR and antigen testing

Coronavirus tests at reasonable prices in Budapest

Test types


PCR test

The most accurate, most sensitive Covid test - used to detect active infection.

Results within 24 hours of testing.


Antigen rapid test

Provides fast results, it is less sensitive than PCR tests.

Results within 3 hours (preliminary result in 30 minutes).

Sampling points


Récsei Center Parking

1146 Budapest, Szabó József utca 6


Flórián Üzletközpont Parking

1033 Budapest, Flórián Tér 6-9



1191 Budapest, Üllői út 201, külső Parking


Covid test appointment

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About us

Why pay more if you can test it at a better price? We know the price matters, so we made our cheap PCR test and antigen rapid test available at a lower price than official prices.

We test at 4 locations in Budapest, where you can request an appointment quickly, even for the same day. In the case of a PCR test, the official result, which is also uploaded to the EESZT, is available within 24 hours from the actual time of sampling. For both our rapid antigen tests and PCR tests, we will send a report electronically with a stamp and signature approved by the authorities, as well as a QR code required for travel. Pay only for what matters: fast, cheap, professional service.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I receive my results?

In all cases, the official result is sent out electronically, protected by a password. The results will be uploaded to the EESZT and OSZIR systems, in addition to the electronic communication of the result. At the time of booking, you can select a second language from 5 foreign languages ​​in addition to Hungarian at no extra cost. Reporting deadlines for all test types are calculated from sampling. 24 hours for PCR tests. 30-minute results report for antigen rapid test, then official results within 3 hours.

How do I open my results?

We provide password protection for the results. Your password: The last 5 digits of yourTAJ number + the last two digits of your birth year + the two digits of your birth month. (eg 03 for March). Example: If you were born on November 15, 1979 and your TAJ number is 12345678, your password will be 456787911.

What kind of test do I need for an immunity certificate?

To acquire an immunity certificate, you need a positive antibody test or proof of infection. Our company does not perform antibody testing currently, but both positive antigen test and positive PCR test will be recorded in the EESZT and OSZIR. If you have positive results, your GP can report it to the OSZIR Infectious Diseases Registry. The date of notification will be the starting date of the validity of the immunity certificate. Following the declaration from the Infectious Diseases Registration System, the Hungarian State will post the immunity certificate.

Can the tests you perform be credited to the health insurance fund?

Currently, we do not have contracts with any of the private health insurance providers, so our services are not eligible to be credited.

Why do I see two deadlines for antigen testing?

In case of an antigen test, two deadlines are indicated: the deadline for the release of the results and the deadline for the release of the official documents. The results of a rapid antigen test are available relatively quickly, within 30 minutes. The results will be communicated to our patients immediately, but it will take more time to issue the official, certified report, which has also been uploaded to the EESZT, so the report will be issued within 3 hours.

Can I request an invoice made out to a company?

You will be able to set the payment method (on-site or online) for your purchase in the email sent to confirm your booking, and you can also enter your billing information for an individual or company here. We do not have a contractual agreement with any of the private health insurance funds, so we are not able to issue an invoice out to a private health insurance fund.

How do I cancel my appointment?

You can only cancel your appointment in the booking confirmation email. You can also do this if you have previously confirmed your booking via the same email. If you paid for the test online in advance, we will refund the value of the purchase.

What are the possible results of the PCR test?

PCR test results are usually either negative or positive, but in rare cases, an erroneous result may occur. In this case, no negative or positive result will appear on your official findings. If this happens, we can offer you a free retake out of turn, or a refund of the cost of your test.

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